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Introduction of LDSZ Security Ltd.

LDSZ Ltd. is one of the leading Security distributor in Hungary established in 1993.

  • We supply wide range of security solutions.
  • Our export activity focus for the Middle-European countries, but covers all Europe and Africa also
  • Besides we have satisfied customers in the following countries: Greece, Georgia, Romania, Belgium, France, Croatia, Poland and also in the Middle-East as well. We take efforts to expand our sales in Mongolia, Latin-America and in Africa.
  • LDSZ Ltd. is also a system integrator, who design complex security systems (CCTV, intruder- and fire alarms, access control), install and do professional maintenance. LDSZ has a certified intruder & fire alarm monitoring station with more, than 3000 accountants.
  • LDSZ developed and produce an IoT queue management system with a revolutionary new concept.


The IdentiVision security video product range is focusing on identification of the targets

LDSZ Ltd.’s prestigious brand is IdentiVision which boasts many key features of market leading products with lengthy warranty. 

  • The IdentiVision CCTV products have the best PQ (Price/Quality) ratio on the market.
  • The product family contains high-middle range indoor/outdoor cameras (IP&AHD), DVRs, NVRsaccessories (balunspower suppliesaudio moduls… etc.).
  • All items represent the latest trends.
  • The production is under full quality control. In spite of the high quality the prices are affordable.
  • We provide 2 MP and 4 MP AHD/TVI/CVI cameras, 2 MP, 4 MP and 4K (8 MP) IP cameras, also the Video Management Software of Cathexis.

We give freedom to our customers installing our CCTV or intruder alarm products or GSM modules by providing our solar power supply modules with different capacity.

  • In our product portfolio there are components from the economy series up to the current peak point technology in order to meet any customer’s demand.

We entered into IoT (Internet of Things) by new generation AMC Elettronica and JABLOTRON control panels.

  • This allows to enduser to control the alarm system by using his own smart phone, can check the status of the partitions, arm/disarm, and may get PUSH reports about all events.
  • Also has video verification camera available.
  • There are many „SMART HOME” function integrated to our control panels.
  • Wireless and also hardwired thermometer, flood detector, HAVC control modul is available to connect our control panels.
  • Our products have CE and RoHS certifications

Our customers are not investing only in quality products but also in a professional after sales support, including advice and guidance from our highly experienced technical support team of three engineers

  • Our skilled colleagues are permanently completing the installer manuals to give all the necessary and right information for setting the products.
  • It also means we write into the manuals all the adequate additional information we recognize during our installations and trainings.
  • We repair possible problems of our products in our well-equipped service.
  • The parameters we give in our datasheets are checked by our certified instruments!
  • Two sales managers with faculty university degree are responsible for satisfaction of the partners. They all speak good English.
  • We take special care of our customers.
    • In this aim we translated the DVRs' OSD Menu to 28 languages!
    • The leaflets and installer manuals are available in English, Hungarian, but on demand we could provide them in the language of any particular market.
  • Having ISO 9001 certification LDSZ Ltd. is committed to service excellence in all aspects of CCTV and alarm distribution.
    • LDSZ Ltd. takes pride in supplying quality products and the highest standard of service possible, ensuring that all customers consistently receive professional advice, guidance and support.
    • LDSZ Ltd. is proud of a fully equipped demonstration and technical training facility that is open for customers on a calendar basis.

From Budapest - one of the most beautiful city in the world - we have excellent logistic infrastructure so we could provide next day delivery within Europe. (P.e.: a 50 kg CCTV shipment with 2 working days delivery would cost 35-60 €.)

  • Oversea delivery is available by air, or by boat via port of Triest.
  • High level stock makes possible the short delivery time.
  • Small order quantity is also welcomed.

The three-year warranty demonstrates the high reliability of our products.

  • We are a typical One Stop Shop store, so the customer can get everything for a complete CCTV system.
  • Our partners can avoid to order from 3 different suppliers, so they can save time, save to administrate 3 invoices, to settle 3 freight charges.
  • Just let us know if You would need any security product, even if it is not mentioned on our website, we will supply you at a reasonable price.

Feel free to contact us any time: szabo.laszlo@ldsz.hu